MonthLeaf's Roots

Our Mission: Supporting the cannabis community by connecting partner dispensaries with consumers interested in high-quality cannabis products delivered to their door

MonthLeaf offers members a monthly subscription service featuring cannabis products of varying types sold by local dispensaries*. Founded by a father-daughter team, we pride ourselves on ensuring our boxes contain high-quality products from licensed vendors. Our focus is on extending exceptional customer service to our members, so they can enjoy the cannabis products that are right for them in the comfort of their own homes. 

*MonthLeaf does not sell, package, distribute, or deliver cannabis. 

Ross, Co-Founder

He began his career aiding companies in financial turnarounds. He then started on a path of creating companies to increase jobs in North America.

Bryanne, Co-Founder

She started her career as a junior high math teacher but realized that was not her true calling. She decided to pursue her passion and create a family business, MonthLeaf.

Earl, Head Of Security

Earl was found on the south side of Chicago. He is missing an ear and all of his teeth but that does not stop him. He takes his career seriously and is always vigilant.