Marijuana is continuously being legalized in numerous areas in the United States of America. As such, more dispensaries popped up to cater to the increasing demand for the drug. You, as a consumer, need to research the various options offered to you so that you will have the best customer experience every time you purchase. As such, we have outlined four main considerations when choosing the best dispensary for you.

What is a dispensary?

A dispensary is a store that sells cannabis products. They may also sell accessories and other products related to cannabis. Each dispensary has varying store policies which will depend on which state it is located in. For example, some states have purchasing limits in terms of the amount you can purchase, the THC level in the buds, or the type of cannabis products you can access. As a general rule, you must be of legal age before you can purchase cannabis. Make sure to have the necessary identification to support this claim. 

Another important note is that the products must never be consumed on public property. Make sure to go home before you open your marijuana products. It is illegal to consume them in public spaces. 

Factors To Consider 


The location is the primary consideration when it comes to choosing a dispensary. This is because deliveries are only legally allowed in local areas so it does not make sense to look at options outside your city or state. For example, MonthLeaf is an excellent choice for deliveries in Northern California. The closer proximity also means that you can quickly receive your package or return it if you have any issues. The turnaround time is so much faster.

Once you have a list of local delivery options, it is time to assess them based on the product quality, range, and price.  

Product Quality

The next major consideration is the quality of the products available in store. However, the standards for quality may vary from person to person. Think of it as quality standards for wine. Some people favor sweet wine with low alcohol content while others may prefer the pungent odor with the highest alcohol levels. 

Similarly, the most potent and best-tasting marijuana strains aren’t necessarily the best. Some customers prefer psychoactive ingredients while others want the therapeutic benefits without the high. 

So, what is the best way to quantify product quality? You’ll notice it in terms of the packaging, branding, and bud quality. The buds must be organically grown and ethically sourced. “Dry” buds with lots of seeds and extremely low THC and CBD levels are considered poor quality. Dispensaries that carry high-quality and well-known brands are better than those that stock unknown ones. Pro tip: you may also use the product location in-store to identify the quality. Products placed on the top shelves are usually the best ones. 

Wide Range Of Options

Variety is likewise important. It’s not enough for the dispensary to house a lot of stocks when they’re all virtually the same. It is better to go for a dispensary with a wide range of flavors. That includes different products, flavors, potencies, percentages, and more. This allows you to explore different products so that you may try out something similar to your comfort zones.

You need a dispensary that can keep up with your “bud testing” phase. The truth is that there is no specific strain or dosage that works best for everyone. Each experience is unique so there is a need for personal experimentation until you discover the best strain and dosage that gives you your desired effects.

It also helps if the dispensary has a knowledgeable staff member who could assist you in your shopping process. Beginners need an attentive customer representative who can offer suggestions based on their desired effect.


This is a major concern for consumers. We naturally want a store that sells our favorite products at a reasonable price. Not all dispensaries have the same price on the same products. It helps to research the prices and compare them to one another. This information is often readily available online.

Some dispensaries offer exclusive deals and discounts. For instance, MonthLeaf conveniently delivers a month’s worth of cannabis products to your doorstep. These boxes of goodies are awesome deals since you get so much with a reasonable membership fee.

You may also explore dispensaries that offer loyalty programs to their customers. These programs are designed to help you save money in the long run. For example, you may get a certain percentage off at your 10th purchase. Others may provide freebies for orders above a certain limit. 

At the end of the day, it is important to go with the dispensary that caters to your needs and offers convenience, quality, options, and competitive prices. MonthLeaf ticks off all those boxes, and more. Head to for more information.