What is a cannabis party without weed-themed games? These games are guaranteed to put everyone in a partying mood. It is a step-up from the traditional party games and they allow weed lovers to express their love for the drug.

These weed-themed games work well for birthdays, office parties, and even holiday parties. These stoner approved games include:

  • Strip Choker
  • Bong Pong
  • Wheel of Weed
  • Obstacle Course
  • Name That Tune

Ground Rules For Weed-Themed Games

Use Dry Herb

In order to keep the party mood light, make sure to stick with light and dry herbs. Stay away from very concentrated and highly potent products as those can result in either a couch lock or uncontrollable behavior. Dry herbs, preferably strains with low THC, allow the user to be in full control of themselves without getting knocked out in a single hit. It is recommended to stick to THC levels of 20% or lower.

Avoid Extra Hits

Advice the gamers to avoid extra doses of marijuana in between games. This allows them to keep their CBD and THC levels at a reasonable dosage. Too much consumption can also knock them out, and you wouldn’t want your party-goers to be in a somber mood too early during the party.

Choose The Games Carefully

We have outlined numerous fun and exciting games for you to try, but make sure to only pick the ones that you and your company will enjoy. Avoid planning for a full range of games that might leave your guests feeling exhausted. Additionally, if you are hosting a party for beginners, then it is better to play games that are slower in pace.

Avoid Alcohol

This is the most important rule of all. Alcohol and marijuana do not mix well. They have extreme intoxicating effects that may be too overwhelming for an average body to handle. If it is a marijuana-themed party, then stick to that.

Weed-Themed Games To Try

Strip Choker

This game tests the lung capacity of the players. The rule is simple: everyone must take a hit from their joint, vape, or bong at the same time. The players should hold the smoke or vapor in their lungs for as long as they can. The first person to choke or exhale loses and will need to strip an article of clothing. The last person to hold their breath wins and is safe during that round. Repeat for as many rounds as you wish.

Bong Pong

This is the marijuana version of the classic party game, beer pong. The basic rule is the same: you must throw a ball into the cups of your opponent. Once you successfully throw it into their cup, the cup is removed and the opponent must take a hit from the bong. The game continues until a player has successfully wiped out all of the cups of the opponent. This is a fun game as the players get progressively high. It adds a challenge to the whole game.

Wheel Of Weed

This is another fun weed-themed game. However, it requires some degree of preparation beforehand. You need a wheel with sections such as: Truth, Dare, 420, Pass The Joint, joke, Smoke, Spin Again, and Strip. You may modify the sections as you see fit. You may even prepare a digital version so that you do not have to make the wheel yourself.

Players will take turns spinning the wheel and performing whichever weed-themed task they land on. Continue for as long as you can, or until everyone is ready to call it a night.

Obstacle Course

If you want a party game that is guaranteed to be hilarious, then go for an obstacle course. Just make sure to stick to easy, injury-free obstacles to air on the safe side. You may try using blankets, chairs, and pillows instead of the usual furniture. Use these soft items to create a fun obstacle in a large room. Leave a lot of space from the walls so that the players won’t accidentally bump into them.

Players have to navigate through the obstacles and will need to take a hit from a bong at specific stations. The fastest player wins and will get an award of your choosing.

Name That Tune

This is a simple game but throw cannabis into the mix and you end up with a hilarious one. Name That Tune simply requires the players to guess the title of the song based on the tune. The fastest one wins. This is a fun game because it is already challenging enough to remember song titles when we’re sober so trying to remember them when stoned is something else. The participants must take a few hits of marijuana before the game starts. A person will pick a song, hum it, and then wait for the rest of the players to guess it.  

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