No one wants to see their cannabis stash reach past its prime and go to waste. However, if you have a particularly large stash and no one to share it with, then your best option is to figure out a way to store cannabis for the long term.

These storage tips and tricks will allow you to keep your cannabis products in their freshest and most potent state possible. These storage solutions also limit the amount of light, particles, air, and other elements that can compromise the quality of your buds.

What Happens When Buds Are Improperly Stored?

The first symptom of bad storage is when the weed loses its color. The buds may turn brown or tan. They will also eventually become crumbly as they continue to become dehydrated. Other stashes may develop molds which will render the buds useless. The buds will lose their flavor, aroma, and potency.

How To Store Cannabis Properly

UV-Proof Glass Containers

UV-proof glass containers are best for small amounts of weed. As the name suggests, the glass wall is UV-proof which means that harmful ultraviolet rays will not make their way to the buds. UV rays are known to speed up dehydration and degradation, both of which are enough causes for buds to lose their flavor, potency, and aroma.

UV-proof glass containers are also airtight and leak-proof. Nothing will go in or out of the container. Your buds will be protected from severe dehydration or moisture which can cause molds.

Stash Boxes

Stash boxes are more luxurious options for storing buds. These often have compartments that allow you to carry and organize numerous strains. Most boxes are made of wood. Cedar is not a good option as it can leave some cedar taste on your buds. These boxes are made of leak-proof wood like teak, mahogany, acacia, cherry, walnut, or bamboo. Additionally, these do not have residual flavors that may compromise the quality of your stash.

Stash boxes are also airtight which makes them smell-proof. Others have built-in rolling trays so that you can assemble a joint on the go. You may also go for stash boxes with locks for added security.

Glass Mason Jars

Glass mason jars are classic storage solutions for buds. These are popularly used for drying and curing cannabis. These containers are no-nonsense containers and the best part is that they’re affordable. You may purchase them brand-new or recycle jam jars. Just make sure that recycled jars are thoroughly cleaned and dried before usage.

Place your buds inside the mason jars but make sure to only fill up to 75%. The remaining space ensures that the buds are not crushed and that there is enough air for the buds to “breathe.” Seal the mason jars and place them in cool and dark spots away from direct sunlight. One good example is your kitchen cupboard. Airtight jars placed in dark places with consistent temperature and humidity can make your buds last up to a year or more.

Freeze Your Buds

Freezing your buds allows you to store them for long-term while preserving them in their freshest state. Simply place your buds in freezer bags and then pack them inside mason jars. You may also wrap the freezer bags in aluminum foil for an extra layer of protection.

Make sure to squeeze out any possible air as you go. You may also vacuum seal the bags to ensure that they are indeed airtight. Add a label that indicates the packing date and strain and you’re good to go. These buds will last for years.

If you are ready to use the frozen buds, simply unpack them and let them thaw at room temperature. Avoid handling the buds when they’re freshly out of the freezer as they will be very brittle and may crumble.

Vacuum Sealing

The key to making your buds last for a very long time is to eliminate air. Vacuum sealing is a viable option for long-term storage. It works well with all types of airtight containers, from mason jars to bags. Just make sure that the vacuum sealer is compatible with your container of choice. For example, there are vacuum sealers specifically designed for mason jars. Others work well with bags.

However, it will only be effective if the buds are fully dried and cured. There are countless affordable vacuum sealing sets that you can purchase on the market.

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