Terpene: Linalool

People use weed for a lot of reasons – relaxation, comfort, happiness, sleep, and so many more. Understanding what terpenes are and how the different ones impact us is key for choosing the right type of cannabis products to enjoy.

What is a terpene? Terpenes are essential oils that are produced by plants. Sativa and Indica are still global categorizations for cannabis, but terpenes give more indication of the feelings received from the cannabis. Terpenes are what effect the type of high you will have. There are 100s of different types of terpenes. Today, we will highlight the terpene Linalool.

For those that love flowers (not just cannabis flowers) Linalool is a terpene you should search for. Not only is this found in certain marijuana products, but it is also found in lavender and rosewood. The benefits help reduce pain, increase comfort, and ease of movement.