Sampler Box

This is box is best for those who want a little of everything! Each month, you will receive five to six samples that include flower, edibles, and CBD products. We also include one of MonthLeaf’s favorite cannabis friendly accessories, a $10 gift card, along with deals from our favorite shops in Sacramento!

Each month, our MonthLeaf boxes are filled by one of our partnered dispensaries. You will receive five to six cannabis products that our partnered dispensaries love. Members can customize what kind of flower, edibles, and CBD products they receive by taking the survey. We focus on quality over quantity, therefore we make sure the value of the MonthLeaf box exceeds $150 each month.

THC Vs. CBD:  THC is the stuff that makes you feel high, happy, relaxed, and maybe even hungry! CBD is the stuff that helps you manage your pain without the high part!
Sativa Vs. Indica: Sativa is known for causing the consumer to feel creative, uplifted, euphoric, and motivated. Indica is known for causing the consumer to feel relaxed, calm, and euphoric. A quick way to remember the difference is that indica makes you want to go “in-­di­-bed”!